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27 January 2012

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27 January 2012
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[1] Federal + state = the wrong answer

27 January 2012
The Age - Page 12 in News - Leaders Section.
WHEN state and federal education authorities differ on important statistics, it becomes more than simply getting sums wrong: there is also something drastically wrong with a system that allows for such wild discrepancy. As The Age reported yesterday, a national survey into schooling in Australia in 2009, released this month, has found that only 64 per cent of Victorian students are completing a year 12 certificate or equivalent. This differs vastly from the state Education Department's estimate, supplied to this newspaper in January 2010, that completing rates ranged from 83.9 per cent in 2005 to 86.8 per cent in 2009. How to account for the missing 20 or so per cent? Or did it ever exist?


[2] Fund disadvantaged pupils and everyone benefits

By The Canberra Times
27 January 2012
Canberra Times - Page 13
Fund disadvantaged pupils and everyone benefits
Closing the gap in education is still a major problem, writes TREVOR COBBOLD


[3] Far too cruel for school

Henry Budd
27 January 2012
Daily Telegraph - Page 22 in Local Section.
SCHOOLGIRLS are increasingly using the web to bully other female students, who don't speak up for fear of losing their computers.
Research has found about about one in 10 students have been cyber bullied, with schoolgirls more likely to be the victim or perpetrator, psychologist and bullying expert Evelyn Field said.


[4] Rural schools put to the test

27 January 2012
The Advertiser - Page 26 in News Section.
SOME country schools will struggle financially after a major change in funding levels because some are now considered to be less disadvantaged, the education union says.
The Education Department evaluated its index of educational disadvantage late last year for the first time in seven years. This index is used to allocate resources to schools to address obstacles related to socio-economic status.
Report URL http://www.nap.edu.au/_Documents/National%20Report/NAPLAN_2011_National_Report.pdf


[5] Hundreds of schools are still without air-coolers

26 January 2012
The West Australian - Page 6 in General Section.
Children from more than 400 public schools will return to hot classrooms on the first day of school on Wednesday, when the temperature is forecast to hit 38C after a week of scorching heat.
During the summer holidays, new air-coolers have been installed at 44 schools identified as high priority.


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