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1 March 2012

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1 March 2012
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[1] Early start plan to avoid school daze - EXCLUSIVE -

Katherine Danks, Bruce McDougall
1 March 2012
Daily Telegraph - Page 5 in Local Section.
PRIMARY school students will start classes at 8am and finish at lunchtime under a proposal to make the most of children's ability to learn better in the morning.
The revolutionary change to learning times, under discussion at a government school community in Sydney's west, will set a precedent that could be followed by hundreds of other NSW primary schools.


[2] Parents slam religious 'segregation'

1 March 2012
The Age - Page 3 in News Section.
Program most prevalent in the east
CONTROVERSIAL religious instruction classes are three times more likely to be taught at government primary schools in Melbourne's eastern suburbs than in the ethnically diverse west.


1 March 2012
Northern Territory News/Sunday Territorian - Page 4
YESTERDAY the NT News published a table based on the My School results.
Due to a production error, some results for Nightcliff Primary School were the wrong colour.

[4] League table nonsense has flawed methodology in the madness

1 March 2012
Daily Telegraph - Page 30 in Features Section.
LEAGUE tables were published around the nation this week, ranking schools based on the latest national test scores published on the My School website. Every one of them is rubbish.
Don't be stupid enough to believe any of them. The only place for them is in the bin.

[5] Higher fees an injustice for parents

Kevin Donnelly
1 March 2012
The Courier-Mail - Page 29 in Features Section.
DAVID Gonski, whose report on school funding was released last week, argues Australia's education system must be based on ``equity of outcomes'' and ``differences in wealth, income, power of possessions'' should not be allowed to influence whether students pass or fail.
What's ignored is that history tells us competition, meritocracy and rewarding individual effort are more effective in raising standards and ensuring a better quality of life for all.


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