Aboriginal Studies Virtual Library -links to resources in a variety of categories.

National Museum of Australia, Canberra , has many useful programs and resources including the regular publication Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and classroom resources .

Aboriginal Perspectives Across The Curriculum APAC , a culturally inclusive and collaborative program to enhance educational outcomes for Aboriginal students and to create a welcoming school environment. This program acknowledges and endorses Indigenous world views and promotes greater understanding and respect for Indigenous peoples, cultures, histories and languages. A wide range of localised lesson plans and resources are available on the website to support the teaching of Aboriginal Studies in schools.

Indigenous Peoples http://www.un.org/cyberschoolbus/indigenous/identify.aspincludes projects for school students to work on indigenous studies as well as data and information.

Making a difference In the ‘Making a difference’ series of learning objects students explore the life stories of a wide range of significant Indigenous figures representative of different regions of Australia and in different periods of time. Students trace the events of each person’s life through drawings, photos and text. In a Notebook, students then answer questions and reflect on the experiences of the person who features in the object. ( Years 7-8)

Many Nations, One People http://www.abc.net.au/schoolstv/nations/default.htm is an introduction to Aboriginal culture and society for upper primary and lower secondary school students. Featuring contemporary documentary case studies, the series’ underlying theme is to present the great diversity of Aboriginal peoples and communities across Australia .

Lore of the Land http://www.loreoftheland.com.au is designed to encourage us to live in harmony with each other and with the land we each call home. Through deepening our knowledge of who we are and where we are, together we can create a new story. This site includes teaching ideas, lesson plans, ideas on implementing Aboriginal studies into a school and more.

Dreaming stories and birds Strategies for teaching about Dreaming stories which involve birds, strategies for realistic drawing and nature observation for R-9 learners

Aboriginal Dreaming stories and Torres Strait Islander legends as a source of cultural information – a strategy for teaching with an extensive resource list.

ATSIA http://www.atsia.gov.au/atsia/facts This website includes fact sheets on: Australia in Brief; Indigenous People in Australia; Reconciliation; Voting Rights, Citizenship and the 1967 Referendum; Special Needs: Special Programs; Indigenous Health; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Housing; Indigenous Employment and Economic Development; Land and Native Title; Shared Responsibility Through Partnership; Indigenous Self-Management; Law and Justice; and Separated Children.

Aboriginal studies webquesthttp://www.teachers.ash.org.au/wattle/abstuds/index.htm


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