Indigenous Culture

NAIDOC celebrates the survival of Indigenous culture and the Indigenous contribution to modern Australia. All Australians are encouraged to participate in NAIDOC Week activities.

Indigenous Australia offers information about cultural heritage, spirituality, family land, and social justice. Includes teacher resources, information for students, and a virtual tour of the Australian Museum ‘s Indigenous Art Gallery .

Indigenous Weather Knowledge Bureau of Meteorology map with links to corresponding seasonal calendars for given regions.

Southern Stars: Aboriginal astronomy The Indigenous people of Australia have their own knowledge of the solar system which has been accumulated over many thousands of years. This web site gives the history behind indigenous and non-indigenous astronomy, as well as Aboriginal stories surrounding some of the constellations. This site also includes a good explanation of what The Dreaming is for Aboriginal people.

Australian National Botanic Gardens – Aboriginal foods

Barani : Indigenous history of Sydney city

Didgeridu Australia bush tucker, rainforest flora and fauna, culture.

Australian Indigenous cultures gallery at the South Australian Museum

Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery Paintings by Some of Australia ‘s Most Prominent Aboriginal Artists

Indigenous Traditional Games – adult

Illustrated information of traditional Aboriginal games from around Australia adapted for today, on the Australian Sports Commission website

Indigenous Traditional Games – children`s Illustrated games from Indigenous Australia, adapted for today, from the Australian Sports Commission website

Aboriginal Australia map Colour map of Aboriginal Australia by David Horton, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies


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