1. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education
NATSIEW is an excellent resource thatcovers a wide range of interrelated Indigenous topics including, education, Indigenous Studies, current affairs, history, art, racism, reconciliation and general up to date information on Indigenous affairs.
2. Western Australian Indigenous Participation and Achievement Standards Directorate
The Directorate provides strategic advice and support for improving the access and participation of Aboriginal students to schooling and training.
The website contains a range of programs and initiatives that centre on attendance and participation, teaching and learning, employment, community engagement and intersectoral collaboration aimed at accelerating educational outcomes for Aboriginal students.
3. Dare to Lead
The Dare to Lead website is designed to profile and support leadership initiatives in Indigenous Education across Australia. The main purpose of Dare to Lead is to lift English literacy and numeracy levels of Indigenous students.
The website contains information about free and subsidised resources that support curriculum development, provided access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, newsletters, professional development opportunities, regional networks, cultural tours, visitation programs and access to leadership awards.
4. What Works
The What Works website provides a set of planning and professional development materials designed to help teachers and school administrators to facilitate action in their schools. The site also provides access to a range of resources (many which are free to educators) including a Guidebook and a Workbook designed to assist in planning for improved outcomes of Indigenous students. A CD is also available for educators that do not have regular access to internet facilities.
5. The Department of Education and Training of Western Australia’s Curriculum Materials Information Services CMIS Resource bank support the implementation of Indigenous Education by providing descriptions and evaluations of relevant materials
6. EdNA
The Education Network Australia provides information on and links to a constantly updated range of resources which have identified and contributed by Australian educators and networks the bodies responsible for education. Resources dealing specifically with Indigenous Education can be found here.
Whilst resources specific to Aboriginal Education are listed here. Indigenous education resources can also be accessed from the Government Education Portal.
7. An excellent collection of online teaching resources about Indigenous Australians has been developed by the teacher-librarian of the P.L Duffy Resource Centre, Trinity College, Western Australia


Western Australian Projects

Yule Brook College – audio visual resource pack for building community engagement will be available from Dare to Lead in 2006 (Winner of the Milton Thorn Award – Aboriginal Education).

MOORDITJ – CD kit that supports Aboriginal Education across the curriculum (Access at discount rate from Dare to Lead if you join – free membership)

Katanning Senior high School and Swan View Senior High School
Winners of Dare to Lead Leadership Awards for outstanding initiatives in Indigenous Education

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