Research and Academic Resources

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) . The Institute undertakes and encourages scholarly, ethical community-based research, holds a priceless collection of films, photographs, video and audio recordings, the world’s largest collections of printed and other resource materials for Indigenous Studies, and has its own publishing house.

The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education is a peer reviewed research journal publishing articles in the field of Indigenous education. It is the only journal for educators devoted specifically to issues of practice, pedagogy and policy

The Australian Indigenous Healthinfonet is an innovative web resource that makes knowledge and information on Indigenous health easily accessible to inform practice and policy in Indigenous education in Australia .

The Western Australian Aboriginal Child Health Survey (WAACHS) i s the largest and most comprehensive study of Aboriginal child health and development ever undertaken in Australia .

Australian Bureau of Statistics Indigenous statistics unit:
i) 1996 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey
ii) Research Papers

Indigenous resources has links to bibliographies, research and conservation sources, Indigenous networks and training as well as a direct link to search for Indigenous collections in Australia.

Australian Council for Educational Research Indigenous Education , undertakes and promotes research that focuses on key issues related to the improvement of educational outcomes for Indigenous students .

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